St. James Recognized by Episcopal Relief & Development

Feb 16, 2022

St. James Episcopal Church of Roanoke, Virginia, has been recognized by Episcopal Relief & Development as one of three Episcopal Churches in the U.S. to receive the Impact Partner Award for 2021. With our 2021 Lenten alms giving, contributions from the Saints of James and friends of the parish, we were able to purchase 36 goats – 15 more than our goal! – to help sustain families in need, in South Sudan. With the gift of livestock and animal husbandry training, these families strive for sustainability, self-reliance, and a way out of scarcity, so that they can thrive on their own. The goats were purchased through the Episcopal Relief & Development Gifts for Life program. A total of $2,930 was contributed to our “Gertie the Goat” (pictured). Due to our significant contribution, we have received a Congregational recognition award!

In 2021, Episcopal Relief & Development launched a Congregational Recognition Program to thank those congregations that compassionately give their time, dedication, and gifts to the organization. Episcopal Relief & Development recognizes these congregations as Hope Partners, Impact Partners, or Transformation Partners. St. James Episcopal Church has been recognized as an Impact Partner. Impact Partners demonstrate a commitment to making a measurable impact in the lives of those in communities struggling with hunger, poverty, disaster, and disease. Thank you to the Saints of James and our many friends who have touched so many lives through your generosity to “Gertie the Goat” and Episcopal Relief & Development!

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