St James is…  A family. A community. A welcoming, caring, and faithful community that offers you love, comfort, support, and friendship, through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In addition to our many outreach programs in our community, on the grounds of the church St. James offers a Little Free Library and a Little Free Pantry.

Built by parishoners Jim and Mary McGlothin, the small and sturdy structures are located along the driveway.

Mission Statement

palm-sundaySt. James Episcopal Church is a Christian family which strives to seek and serve the Christ in all persons.

Our ministry in His name is served through our diverse backgrounds and lifestyles and our honest acceptance of one another.

We accept our Lord’s commission that all are His ministers and we are committed to this shared discipleship.

We offer a fellowship of caring, sharing people, struggling to understand and to live the Christian faith.


serversIn 1949, the area of Roanoke County near Hollins College was growing with baby boomers and their families. Why should these new suburbanities have to travel several miles to one of the Episcopal churches in the city? In June of 1949 Bishop Henry D. Phillips called a meeting of Episcopalians who might support a new church in the Williamson Road area outside the settled old Northwest Roanoke.

On January 22, 1950, the late Rev. Van F. Garrett, then rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Roanoke, conducted the first service at St. James. In the first year, the name, honoring St. James the Great, was chosen and approved by the bishop. Three city lots on the quiet residential Delray Street just off Williamson Road were bought. Bishop Phillips selected the Rev. Joseph Manly Cobb as the first rector in June 1950. By the end of the first year, St. James’ membership grew to 85 with 38 in Sunday School. In 1952, the little brick building was established with a worship area seating 125.

Milestones of St. James, Roanoke

Dedication of Memorial Sign and Feast of St. James - July 24, 2016

As we celebrated the Feast day of our patron Saint, St. James Roanoke also celebrated the 66th anniversary of our parish and the blessing of our beautiful new sign, in memory of dedicated Saints of James who gave memorial gifts. We enjoyed a gourmet reception with friends and family.

Photo Gallery

65th Anniversary of St. James

Saint James honored our 65th year in 2015.

60th Anniversary of St. James

Feast of Saint James – July 25, 2010